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Assisting Pediatric Cancer Patients in Southwest Virginia

Assisting Pediatric Cancer Patients in Southwest Virginia

Every year, more than 200,000 children are diagnosed with a form of pediatric cancer. Cancer remains the #1 cause of death by disease among children under age 18, and our agency understands how difficult and terrifying it is for parents to learn that a child has been diagnosed with cancer.

Beveridge & Associates is launching a relief campaign to provide support and hope to parents of children in southwest Virginia struggling to overcome cancer or other serious diseases.

Ambassadors for Families Facing Cancer

Beveridge & Associates is now recognized as a Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange movement in Virginia. Throughout this campaign, our team will be working alongside local agencies, nonprofits, and outreach efforts to provide logistical, medical, and material support to families that have one or more child diagnosed with pediatric cancer.

There are a large number of families in the Roanoke Valley that need assistance, and we won’t be able to find all of them without your help.

Your Help Matters

When you refer a close friend or family member into Beveridge & Associates for a free insurance consultation, you’ll also give us the opportunity to provide more information on our campaign to assist children struggling against cancer. For every person you refer, our agency will thank you by making a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local initiative or program that provides meaningful assistance to the families of children with cancer.

Working Together for Children

This campaign is your chance to take action and make a positive difference for children and families in the Roanoke area that are in dire need of assistance. Please join us, and together we can make the world a brighter place for children fighting cancer.


Gary Beveridge

Beveridge & Associates

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