Patriot Chimney Services, LLC

Patriot Chimney Services, LLC

Patriot Chimney is owned and operated by a couple combat vets turned certified chimney sweeps (plus one’s younger brother). It was during their time in the USMC that they developed an understanding of the importance of hard work. It was also during this time that they began to believe in the guiding values that Patriot Chimney is run: Honor, Courage, and Commitment, which are the same Corps Values as the Marines. With Patriot Chimney, you can be sure that you are in honest, skilled hands, and that the safety of your chimney has never been better.

Honor – this is the quality that empowers Patriot Chimney to exemplify the ultimate moral and ethical behavior.

Courage – this is the mental, moral, and physical strength of our technicians that sees them through the challenges that may arise on the job and guides them to do what is right.

Commitment – This is the spirit of determination and dedication within the industry that leads to professionalism and mastery.

701 Oak Drive
Blue Ridge, VA 24064